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To ensure that all marketing materials, such as ads, articles, websites, and printed promos, for Beepo adhere to these standards, please read on.

Beepo Brand


Beepo's pictorial mark is made out of custom-built icons. The uniform lettering is inspired by the Comfortaa typeface, a rounded geometric sans-serif type design with a futuristic and modern vibe. The pictorial mark is made by superimposing two similar custom-made conversation icons. It emphasizes relationships and communication while also valuing the notion of community.


To avoid being crowded by surrounding artwork, photos, or the edge of a page, a particular amount of space is required around the logomark. The minimum spacings for logomark and pictorialmark are shown below.

Brand Don'ts

The Beepo Brand Resources are subject to the following restrictions: In no way does Beepo or any of its affiliates endorse or sponsor the use of the Beepo brand resources in any way. Don't use any part of the Beepo name or logos, or any of them, with any other trademarks or company names. Use of Beepo Brand Resources in a way that is false, defamatory, libelous, obscene, or infringing on the rights of Beepo or any third party is strictly prohibited, as is any denigrating or diluting behavior. The Beepo Brand Resources should not be used to imply Beepo's affiliation with or support of a project.

The Beepo brand and logos should not be used in conjunction with any other corporate name, logo, trademark, or generic phrase. It is a strict NO-NO to use the Beepo name or any of the Beepo Brand Resources as verbs.

Be careful not to overemphasize Beepo in your materials. Use the Beepo Brand Resources in a manner that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing, unlawful, derogatory, or dilutive to the rights of Beepo or any third party.

The Beepo Brand Resources should never be used to identify a product or service that is offered by any business other than Beepo.

The Beepo chat logo or any other Beepo Brand Resource or any other version of the Beepo Brand Resource should not be used in any way whatsoever.


Without previous authorization from the organization, any portrayal of the Beepo brand other than what is stated below is illegal and punishable by law.

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