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About Beepo

Learn all about Beepo as a company, its vision, and its goals. Understand what Beepo is all about, how the App works, the solutions its bringing to the world.

What the Beepo Project Entails

The Beepo project began as a result of our drive to combat centralization. Hence, the need to create the app called Beepo.
Beepo is an instant messaging social networking application built with the aim of solving problems with privacy, security, and data breach.
It is a social networking application integrated with a multichain chain crypto wallet, a web 3 browser, instant messaging and calling, an eCommerce store, and a sales catalog section for business accounts.
With the Beepo app, users can easily communicate with one another thanks to the integration of modern instant messaging technology.
Now you can easily message your friends, family, and colleagues while storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency with ease using the integrated multi-chain crypto wallet.
With the Beepo app, you now have the opportunity to make limitless transactions globally with a completely private and decentralized lifestyle.

Inspiration Behind Beepo

The name “Beepo” is inspired by the ding of a bell or “beep” of an alarm that signals a notification as is common with cell phones and alarm systems.
Beepo has a mission to create an ecosystem that is completely decentralized, private and secure where users have complete control over their information and how it is stored and shared.
One of the main driving forces behind the creation of Beepo is privacy and security. The internet is full of individuals that will stop at no end to steal the information of users, which is why Beepo is built on a secure blockchain network and focuses every ounce of energy it has to stop this from happening.
Beepo is also the result of the drive to combat centralization, complexity, and censorship that is commonly associated with centralized social networks. Centralization, complexity, censorship, and the lack of security and privacy, have caused a lot of problems in society
Here are some case studies that show the need for security and privacy and why it’s important to combat centralization:

What Problems is Beepo Solving?

Beepo is solving problems associated with centralization, complexity, censorship, and the general lack of privacy and security, while helping individuals enjoy seamless instant messaging and calling services


With centralized social networks, users are no longer in charge of their information.
These centralized bodies have the right to sell the information of their users to advertisers and marketers.
Users can also have their information stolen, and when these centralized bodies decide to change their policies that aren’t so favorable to their users, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
There is no centralized authority that can change policies leaning in favor of or against anyone.


In many cases, restrictions are placed on users so that they are unable to use a certain platforms because of their personal views and opinions.
Sometimes these restrictions are in favor of political agendas and concerns. Hence the authorities find a way to manipulate these platforms to push for their personal agendas.
Beepo combats this by creating a platform with no centralized authority, hence, there is no way for the government or any authoritative body to manipulate these platforms or restrict users in any way.


The Beepo app aims to solve one of the key problems a lot of people face with creating a social media account, which is privacy.
The centralized system is guilty of collecting multiple data from the users, which makes the users liable to be the subjects to corporations or governments making use of the user’s data without their permission.
These data collected by the corporations and the government in the form of interests likes and dislikes, buying patterns, online behavior, personal features, and chief of all political views can be used to influence user engagement and sell behavioral advertising.
Besides, this great amount of data collected is susceptible to hackers and others with malicious intent.
Beepo solves that problem by not requiring any personal data to create an account. All that is needed is a username and seed phrase of the user.


For individuals who are new to making crypto and cross-border transactions, making crypto-based transactions can get confusing very quickly.
With this level of complexity, making errors when handling transactions becomes very easy.
Beepo solves this problem by integrating a crypto wallet with the instant messaging social app, hence users who are new to the crypto industry don’t have to go through the strenuous process of opening multiple wallets to make transactions.
Crypto transactions can be easily made on the Beepo app as the app automatically opens a multi-chain crypto wallet for users once the account is created.

How to Use the App

The Beepo app is User friendly and very easy to set up. All you need to do is download the app and launch it.
You can create a Beepo account in these simple steps:

1. Launch the app

All you have to do is download the app and launch it.
This will bring you to the ‘Create Account or ‘Login’ page. You’ll be taken to a screen that requires you to fill in your username and profile picture.
Beepo is focused on the privacy of users; hence, it doesn’t request an email or phone number.
Once you have set up your user name and profile picture, you’ll be required to create a four-digit login pin.
Then you’ll be required to verify your pin by inputting it again on the next screen. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be automatically logged in to your Beepo account.

2. Save your Login Seed Phrase

Your seed phrase is very important. It acts as a unique password that protects your account and grants you access.
Once you have successfully created your account, you will be given twelve random words as your seed phrase.
You should back up your seed phrase or save it on a flash drive. Whenever you want to log in, all you need is this seed phrase; hence you need to keep it secure.

3. Log in to Your Account

Now that you have successfully created your Beepo account, you will be automatically logged in whenever you launch the app on your phone.
However, if you happen to change your device or want to log in from a different device, you will be required to input your seed phrase.
If your seed phrase is correct, you will be automatically logged in to your account.
Your information is 100% secured on Beepo as it is decentralized and completely private, hence nobody, not even the Beepo team can have access to it

1. Chats

When you log in to your Beepo account, you will be taken directly to the chats section.
Here you can chat with friends, family, or clients and also view moments shared. You can also request and send funds directly from the chats section.
Select the chat thread you want to send or request funds from, and then click on the coin symbol in the text section.
Once you click on the coin symbol, you will receive a pop-up with a send or request option.
If you click on send, you will be taken to your wallet section where you will select which coin you would like to send to the recipient. Likewise, you can request payment by simply clicking on the request button.

2. Wallet

The wallet symbol at the bottom of the app will take you to your wallet section. Here you can send funds, receive funds, or purchase products from the eCommerce section with your desired coin.

3. DApp Browser

The globe symbol is the integrated DApp browser which gives you access to decentralized applications on a blockchain.
You can access web 3 apps, DeFi apps, crypto tools, and many more.

4. Profile

The last symbol at the bottom right corner of the app is the profile section. Here, you can change your profile details, check security info, select your preferred theme, invite friends, and many more.
Beepo is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily figure out what to do just by looking at the simple yet aesthetic interface. With this Basic how-to guide, you should be able to easily navigate the app.
If you still don’t know what to do or get stuck, you can simply go to the profile section and click on “Help”.
Here you can get answers to questions, info about the app, or review our terms and privacy policy.

What the Beepo App Offers Users

1. Instant Messaging

Much like the more conventional and centralized messaging social networks, Beepo offers instant messaging features along with the added advantage of blockchain security.
Messages are encrypted with end-to-end encryption so users don’t have to worry about their information being read or altered by any third party.
When sending a message with E2EE, the parties involved use a public-private key pair.
Messages are encrypted with cryptographic keys and can only be decrypted when they are delivered to the endpoint device. This way, no third party can pry into private messages or try to alter them.

2. Social Finance (SocialFi)

SocialFi is essentially the combination of social networks and decentralized finance.
Unlike the more centralized social networks that can do whatever they please with the data of their users, with socialFi networks like Beepo, users’ data is spread across a wave of nodes that is maintained by a community, essentially keeping data secure from any central authority that can sell it to advertisers.
With socialFi, content creators can find a new way to earn by giving value to the community and receiving direct rewards in the form of tokens. Beepo gives creators the opportunity to earn token rewards from fans and followers.

3. ECommerce

Beepo is taking the e-commerce sector to a whole new level. The app essentially merges social commerce with e-commerce, and with the integrated multi-chain wallet, makes online shopping and trading much faster and easier.
Using this feature is one of the fastest ways for businesses to embrace the new web 3.0 version of the internet.
Because the app is built on blockchain technology, security and confidentiality are not an issue. Transactions are kept secure on public ledgers which are essentially a series of blocks or chains on the network that record the details of transactions made on the network.
Furthermore, Beepo eliminates the problem of a personal touch. Because Beepo is also an instant messaging app, traders and clients have the opportunity to connect on a more personal level.
Also, there is no initial setup cost, making the barrier of entry very low. Hence, anyone can easily set up an e-commerce store on the marketplace and begin trading.
The Beepo e-commerce marketplace is perfect for Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer (B2C), and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) transactions.

4. DApp Browser

Beepo has an integrated DApp browser with which users can access numerous decentralized applications. DApps are also censorship resistant.
This essentially means that users are not bound to a central authority and are free to express themselves without the fear of being censored.
Although this can be a good or bad thing, with Beepo as a Decentralized financial application, this means that transactions cannot be monitored or manipulated. Furthermore, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms integrated into the system, users can rest assured that any content promoting child pornography, cyberbullying, terrorism, rape, and the likes of these are not permitted.
Being a decentralized app also makes it impossible for marketers to purchase the information of users and use that to advertise products and services that users might be likely interested in.
Because Beepo is built on blockchain technology, there is no centralized authority that can track the data of users.
Users are essentially in charge of their information. The Beepo app grants access to the ever-expanding world of decentralized applications, including markets, exchanges, games, and social networks.
The most up-to-date security measures offer a safe and secure surfing environment. There is a growing number of decentralized apps which can be accessed through the Beepo DApp browser.
Surfing in a safe and secure environment is possible thanks to the most up-to-date security measures.

5. Media

Sharing files amongst Beepo users is simple. End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, not even the Beepo team, can access users’ data.