Check out the progress Beepo has made over time and where the project is going

✅ Completed ☑️ In Progress

✅Ideation Stage :

At this phase, the founding team is able to work on the idea, concept, goal, and vision of the Beepo App project, below are some of the decisions made at this phase:

  • Identified the customer problems

  • Used Michael Skok's 4U approach to qualify the discovered problems (Unworkeable, Unavoidable, Urgent, Underserved)

  • Researched the right technologies for solving the identified problems

  • Made quality choices in using the Replicate, Upgrade, and Repurpose approach

✅Onboarding and Community Building:

The founding team started a rigorous hiring and onboarding procedure at this stage to ensure that the expertise hired was suitable for the startup's numerous operational positions.

These Positions include;

In the community building phase, the team was able to build an ecosystem of trust with over 4k members across various social media platforms with impressive community support and engagement.

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