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Check out the progress Beepo has made over time and where the project is going
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✅ Completed ☑️ In Progress
Q1 (2022)
Q2 (2022)
Q3 (2022)
Q4 (2022)

✅Ideation Stage :

At this phase, the founding team is able to work on the idea, concept, goal, and vision of the Beepo App project, below are some of the decisions made at this phase:
  • Identified the customer problems
  • Used Michael Skok's 4U approach to qualify the discovered problems (Unworkeable, Unavoidable, Urgent, Underserved)
  • Researched the right technologies for solving the identified problems
  • Made quality choices in using the Replicate, Upgrade, and Repurpose approach

✅Onboarding and Community Building:

The founding team started a rigorous hiring and onboarding procedure at this stage to ensure that the expertise hired was suitable for the startup's numerous operational positions.
These Positions include;
  • Backend Engineers
  • User Interface Designer
  • User Experience Research Expert
  • Mobile and Frontend Engineers
  • AI Engineers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Content and Creative Writers
  • Marketing Agents
  • Community Mods
  • Financial Analysts
  • Advisors
  • Video Editors and Animators
In the community building phase, the team was able to build an ecosystem of trust with over 4k members across various social media platforms with impressive community support and engagement.

✅Infrastructure and Resources

The development process for the project started at this point, and the resources needed to accelerate its development are being put in place. The Beepo App Server and other resources were provided by Microsoft and Amazon Web Service, our top two infrastructure providers with provided resources worth up to $300,000.

✅Beepo Website Launch

In this phase, we rolled out the first version of our website containing the Mission, Vision, and goal of the Beepo App project, it contained important information and links to our various documentation for easy navigation. Websites Versions (V1 and V1.2 are from the web archive and may not appear as expected):

✅Beepo App UI/UX Research and Development

In this phase the Design department began operations on the research and development of the Beepo App user interface and experience using various techniques:
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Cultural Probes
  • Stakeholders Interviews
  • User Interview
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Usability Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • A/B Test
  • Guerrilla Testing
  • Accessibility Audit


Whilst the required UI and UX research and Design are ongoing, the prototype of the Beepo App is made available in this phase and only accessible by individuals/organizations for research and validation purposes only. Some cases: 1. Celo - The Beepo App Simulation was set for public access for the CELO community during the CELO Web3 African Fund Program in Lagos - 2. Solana and Dorahack - The Beepo App Simulation was publicly revealed on a live-streamed DEMO Session for the SOLANA SUMMERCAMP Hackathon -

✅Code Architecture

At this stage, the Backend Engineers' immaculate abilities are put to the test as they vigorously create the logic of the programs that will power the Beepo App Core as this will create a standard for future integration.

✅Authentication and Account Creation

By successfully completing the APIs and security systems that support the account creation and authentication functionalities, the Beepo App team has now achieved a new milestone.

✅Blockchain Integration

At this stage, we have successfully integrated and tested Solana, Celo, BNB-CHAIN, Polygon, Bitcoin, and Ethereum into our multi-blockchain support system.

✅Marketing and SEO

While the development team keeps up its outstanding achievements, the marketing team keeps up its impressive SEO hacking, influencer marketing, and community engagement improvements, giving us a top 5 search ranking position on Google for the keyword "Beepo App."

✅Waitlist Application Campaign

We rolled out the Beepo App Waitlist program and got over 16k waitlist applications submitted successfully.

✅ Ecosystem Partnership

We have successfully built impressive partnerships with over 20 organizations and ecosystems in the industry and they will be contributing to the growth of the Beepo Ecosystem and its development.

✅Beepo Community Giveaway Events

The distribution of prizes Participants

✅Beepo App Private BETA Tester Launch

The Private launch of the Beepo App Beta version commences in this phase and this would allow us to take in enough information from users about their experience after using the App for improvements on the Alpha Version.