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Meet the Team!

Meet the brains behind the Beepo project and get familiar with those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Beepo project a success!
Good to know: an employee directory can be a great way to help new folks get familiar with everyone they're going to be working with.

Michael Jimoh

👋 Founder and CEO: 💌 — Akure, Ondo Nigeria (GMT +1)
Michael Jimoh
Meet Michael Jimoh, a tech-savvy leader with a passion for critical and creative thinking. With extensive expertise in project management, product design, and strategic leadership, Michael is a Google Certified IT Specialist who has worked with various businesses and crypto projects over the years. He is a GeniusU Entrepreneur Challenge 2020 winner, coming in third place in the $50K Global Entrepreneurial Challenge.
In addition to his impressive professional experience, Michael has earned multiple certifications from renowned institutions such as the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Google, the International Business Management Institute (IBMI), CISCO, YALI, and Havardx. He is well-versed in various fields, including business management, cryptology, and blockchain technology.
Known for his excellent communication and listening skills, open-mindedness, and vast knowledge, Michael is a valuable asset to any team. He is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow and is committed to helping businesses and organizations succeed.

Clement Hochart

👋 CXO — — New York, New York, United States
Timileyin Pelumi
Clement Hochart is an experienced serial entrepreneur and visionary who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. With a background in entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs, Clement has co-founded seven startups, including a venture studio, and has a proven track record of success in the field. His expertise in system thinking innovation and holistic problem-solving has allowed him to create new paradigms instead of patch solutions within obsolete systems. As the founder of SCOBY Collective, he offers co-founder services to companies and NGOs while focusing on building, accelerating, and funding organizations in the social and environmental impact sector.
Clement's objective is to create and help grow 50 impact-driven organizations toward sustainability. His vision is to ensure that the organizations he works with create long-term systems change that positively impact people and the environment. He believes that the key to success is to reimagine management through teal organizational principles that embrace decentralized decision-making and self-management. By seeing organizations as living entities, he aims to create a more sustainable and equitable future. Clement is originally from France but has a global mindset and experience across the United States, Europe, SE Asia, and LatAm.


👋Mobile/Frontend Engineer——Benin City, Edo, Nigeria (GMT+1)
Julius is an exceptional Mobile App Developer with an extensive professional background spanning over 5 years. His expertise lies in building high-quality applications across multiple platforms, including Web, Android, and iOS. Beyond his mastery of app development, Julius possesses a diverse skill set that includes UI and UX design, web development, and digital marketing.
His comprehensive knowledge extends to various domains, including back-end computing, user interface design, programming languages, and cyber security, among others. With an in-depth understanding of these areas, Julius consistently delivers innovative solutions that prioritize functionality, usability, and security.
Julius's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements ensures that he continually enhances his skills, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving tech landscape. His passion for creating seamless user experiences and his meticulous attention to detail make him a sought-after professional in his field.
With his versatile skill set and broad expertise, Julius consistently exceeds expectations, delivering cutting-edge applications that not only meet but also surpass client requirements. His ability to leverage his diverse knowledge base enables him to tackle complex challenges and deliver impactful results.

Agbaje Oluwapamilerinayo

Community Growth Lead and Ambassador —, Nigeria (GMT+1)
Agbaje Oluwapamilerinayo is a highly driven and ambitious student nurse, leveraging her passion for social media growth to become an expert in the field. With years of experience as a social influencer, Agbaje has honed her skills in understanding and mastering the growth algorithms of platforms like Twitter. Her expertise has allowed her to provide valuable insights and guidance within the ecosystem, particularly for fellow females.
Recognizing the significance of effective communication, Agbaje believes that Beepo holds tremendous potential in enhancing communication across various settings. Whether it involves connecting with loved ones, networking with peers, or engaging with potential clients, she firmly believes that Beepo's robust toolkit can streamline and elevate the communication experience.
Agbaje's acute awareness of the power of communication, combined with her expertise in social media growth, positions her as a trusted advocate for Beepo's capabilities. Her understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals, especially women, underscores her ability to relate to a diverse audience and provide relevant guidance.
By leveraging Beepo's resources, Agbaje envisions a future where communication becomes more seamless, efficient, and impactful. Her commitment to empowering individuals and leveraging technology to improve connections makes her a valuable advocate for Beepo's mission.
Agbaje's passion, drive, and dedication to her field make her an inspiring figure in both nursing and social media. Her ability to merge her expertise as a student nurse and social media growth expert showcases her unique perspective and positions her as a valuable voice within the industry.

Timilehin Pelumi

👋Senior Software Engineer — — Akure City, Ondo, Nigeria (GMT+1)
Timmy is an exceptional senior software engineer who brings extensive expertise in multiple programming languages and development tools to our team. With a strong command of languages such as Python, MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js), Ruby on Rails, C, JavaScript, and many more, Timmy possesses a diverse skill set that enables him to tackle a wide range of technical challenges.
Throughout his career, Timmy has demonstrated his exceptional capabilities by building several side projects and contributing to the growth of various organizations. His experience spans both small-scale projects and large-scale enterprise systems, showcasing his adaptability and versatility as a developer.
One of Timmy's standout qualities is his relentless ability to contribute and solve problems. His determination and innovative mindset allow him to identify efficient solutions and implement them effectively. Timmy consistently goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality code and optimize performance, making him a valuable asset to our development team.
In particular, Timmy has played a pivotal role in designing the core infrastructure of the Beepo App. His deep understanding of software architecture and system design has been instrumental in creating a robust and scalable platform. Timmy's expertise in building efficient and reliable backend systems has contributed significantly to the overall stability and performance of our application.

Boluwatife Ogunsina

👋 Backend Engineer— — Nigeria (GMT +1)
Boluwatife Ogunsina known as Lilsamzy is a web3 facilitator,
A Collaboration/Partnership manager, Business Developer, and Project Manager.
He’s the co-founder of SpaceX DAO; where he focuses on governance and community building. Prior to this, Lil Samzy worked as a Collab and Partnership Manager for several Web3 projects, building relationships and facilitating successful collaborations.
He’s also a public speaker who has featured in a good number of Web3 training and educational events.

Samuel Olaniyan

👋 Creative Writer/Editor— 💌 [email protected]— Akure, Ondo Nigeria (GMT+1)
Samuel Olaniyan
Samuel is an extraordinarily talented writer, demonstrating exceptional command over the English language. With a wealth of experience in the field, he has established himself as a skilled writer and editor, having successfully completed numerous freelance projects. Samuel's expertise extends to the niche of crypto/blockchain, where he has garnered considerable knowledge and insight.
Possessing a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to conduct comprehensive research, Samuel excels in crafting well-researched and engaging content. His proficiency in editing ensures that every piece he produces is polished and of the highest quality. Additionally, Samuel has a thorough understanding of search engine optimization techniques, enabling him to create content that not only captivates readers but also garners optimal visibility.
Samuel's exceptional writing capabilities have earned him opportunities to contribute to esteemed platforms, including Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance. This association with reputable websites speaks to the caliber of his work and his ability to produce content that resonates with a wide audience.
With his strong foundation in writing and editing, coupled with his specialized knowledge in the crypto/blockchain field, Samuel consistently delivers content that is both informative and engaging. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering excellence make him an invaluable asset in any writing project.

Gopesh Khandelwal

👋 Advisor— — New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gopesh Khandelwal is a specialist in online branding, social media, and cryptocurrency marketing. Gopesh Khandelwal is one of the brightest and is well known for his aggressive marketing tactics in digital media for more than 6 years. He is able to provide his distinctive services, such as designing, planning, and implementing electronic advertising along with branding campaigns, due to his expertise as a Crypto Marketer, Online Branding Professional, and Social Media Expert. He has worked for MNC's like Volvo Cars, Swiggy, EasyJet, Margex, RARA Network, T-Series, Mankind Pharma, and many more.
Started his career at a very young age. He possesses an extensive skill set that made many companies thrive as unique brands in the long run. He is currently working with the Decentralised community of the Beepo App to promote safe social media networking and build a safe and supportive ecosystem for users.
Moreover, He provides new initiatives to improve public awareness about the importance of using Block Chains in the future by engaging with many successful crypto projects with exchanges.
He was rewarded as the best marketing consultant at the age of 22.
As a professional who worked in variegated fields like Fintech, Foodtech, Blockchain, EduTech, he expects to give his guidance to develop more startups by improving their marketing strategies to face the competition offered by the big firms.
According to him, the courage to take risks and the desire to embrace innovative approaches are his greatest strengths which made him an outstanding marketer.


👋 Financial Analyst— Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India (GMT +5 30)
Farhan is a highly accomplished financial expert, bringing a wealth of experience in financial analysis, business management, and strategic decision-making. With a robust background in these areas, he consistently demonstrates his exceptional skills in financial modeling and analytical thinking, enabling him to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients and organizations.
In addition to his financial expertise, Farhan is an esteemed Ed Tech professional, possessing a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and education. His comprehensive knowledge extends beyond technical aspects, encompassing soft skills development and a strong emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ). This holistic approach enables him to effectively navigate the complex landscape of educational technology, making him a trusted resource in this field.
Farhan's multidimensional expertise empowers him to provide comprehensive solutions that address both financial challenges and educational technology needs. His ability to blend financial acumen with technological innovation and interpersonal skills makes him a valuable asset in today's dynamic business environment.
With a proven track record of success and a dedication to continuous learning and professional growth, Farhan consistently delivers exceptional results. His strategic insights, combined with his technical and interpersonal competencies, position him as a versatile and highly sought-after professional in the financial and Ed Tech sectors.

John Oseni

Project Contributor ——Lagos, Nigeria (GMT+1)
John is a talented young individual with vast knowledge of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.
He is a multitalented tech expert who has won numerous awards and is well-versed in Custom Software Development, Cybersecurity, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Android Development, iOS Development, Application Development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Okechukwu Uchenna Eric

👋Editor——Ondo, Nigeria (GMT+1)
Eric is a remarkably versatile writer, lending his exceptional skills to various forms of creative and informative writing. As a talented ghostwriter, content writer, poet, and scriptwriter, Eric's ability to craft engaging and captivating pieces is truly unparalleled. His expertise extends to the dynamic field of blockchain technology, where he has produced numerous insightful articles.
With a rich background in freelance writing, Eric has amassed a wealth of experience, consistently delivering outstanding work across diverse projects. His meticulous approach to editing and proofreading ensures that every piece he produces is polished to perfection. Additionally, Eric's proficiency as a researcher enables him to delve deep into topics, producing content that is well-informed and thought-provoking.
Eric is also well-versed in search engine optimization techniques, allowing him to create content that not only captivates readers but also garners optimal visibility in online platforms. His familiarity with writing software and tools further enhances his efficiency and enables him to produce high-quality work efficiently.
Through his versatile skill set and extensive experience, Eric consistently exceeds expectations, delivering exceptional content that resonates with audiences. His dedication to his craft and his ability to adapt his writing style to various genres and subjects make him a highly sought-after professional. Whether it's crafting compelling narratives, producing informative articles, or engaging with poetry and scripts, Eric's writing prowess shines through in every endeavor.


Meet Olubunmi, a talented mobile developer with a background in engineering. With experience in mobile development, automation, and electrical engineering, Olubunmi has a diverse skill set that allows him to excel in a variety of technical projects. He has built multiple applications for iOS and Android, and has worked for top companies in the tech industry.
In addition to his expertise in mobile development, Olubunmi is knowledgeable in PCB designs, C++ development, and more. He is a reliable and skilled developer who is committed to delivering high-quality results for his clients and employers.

Boluwatife Ogunsina

Boluwatife Ogunsina, also known as Lilsamzy, is a highly experienced web3 enthusiast with a diverse set of skills and expertise. He is a certified collaboration and partnership manager, with a strong background in business development, outreach, and marketing. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as a co-founder of SpaceX DAO, where he works to drive the project's growth and success.
Lilsamzy has extensive experience working with projects across multiple blockchain ecosystems, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Algorand, Internet Computer, Solana, Aptos, Evmos, Cosmos, and Polygon. This broad knowledge base allows him to provide valuable insights and expertise to the projects he works on, and to navigate the complex landscape of the web3 ecosystem with ease.
In addition to his professional accomplishments, Lilsamzy is also a respected public speaker and educator, with a reputation for delivering engaging and informative presentations on a wide range of web3-related topics. He has been featured in many web3 training and education events, where he shares his knowledge and experience with others, helping to promote the growth and development of the web3 ecosystem. Overall, Lilsamzy is a valuable asset to any project or organization, with a unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and industry connections.

Falade Samuel Oluwatumise

👋Ecosystem Lead—, Nigeria (GMT+1)
Falade Samuel is a highly motivated and passionate Blockchain/DeFi enthusiast who is dedicated to the expansion and growth of the Web3 community and research. He possesses a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and trends driving the industry and is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.
Falade is a skilled researcher and analyst, with a particular interest in market research and analysis. He has a keen eye for detail and a talent for identifying key trends and insights that can be used to inform business and project development. He enjoys providing individuals and organizations with accurate, actionable information that can be used to scale up and grow their businesses and projects.
He is also a great communicator and collaborator. With his analytical skills, he can break down complex information and make it easy to understand, thus making it easy for people to make informed decisions. He is also a team player and enjoys working in a collaborative environment.
In summary, Falade Samuel is a highly motivated, analytical, and professional Blockchain/DeFi enthusiast, with a passion for the expansion and growth of the Web3 community and research. His skills in market research and analysis, and his ability to communicate complex ideas and insights, make him a valuable asset to any organization or project looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly-evolving Web3 ecosystem.